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Thanks in advance for your interest in working with TMJ Consultants Inc. we are freelance consulting agency composed of brand and business architects with the mission to help you creatively connect the D.O.T.S.

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To make any vision a reality you must clearly DEFINE “YOUR WHY” this is what you will build upon, this is what shapes your decisions, this is what you may have to come back to if you’ve found that you’ve strayed away from the goal. This is your foundation, you can't build without one if you want to sustain and grow. You must first clearly define what it is you’re doing and why! Which is why I always make sure to ask WHAT PROBLEM ARE YOU SOLVING?


Once you’ve defined “YOUR WHY” you can properly start the DEVELOP phase. This is where your systems and processes are configured, the medium in which you will deliver your why to the world. The development phase can’t be skipped. This is where the action begins, the lessons are learned, and the value of “Your Why” is birthed.


When you’ve defined and developed your processes and systems for your product, service, mission, or cause. You can now DELIVER it to your tribe, audience, followers, friends etc. You can’t deliver until you’ve developed and defined! 

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