Q2... I am still learning

Where did Q1 go? 2018 just started a few months ago right? Time really waits for no one! So here we are it's the first Monday of Q2 and I challenge you to think about what will you do differently this quarter to accomplish your goals?

If you haven’t set any goals that’s ok you can start today! No better time than NOW to start!

I also want to encourage you all to never stop learning. Q1 taught me a few lessons some that came out of nowhere and some lessons I learned because of mistakes of my own. The biggest lesson was that it's ok to not know. I don't want to know it all because there is a beauty in the process of learning. Which lead me to my Q2 mantra “ancora imparo," which means "I am still learning" in Italian.

What I've learned is that there is power in admitting “I don’t know” this simple saying puts you in a position to learn. And the truth of the matter is no one has it completely figured out, we're all learning. Life is a series of lessons and we are all figuring out what works for us in our everyday lives businesses. It's what we do with those lessons what truly matters. I believe that once we've learned a lesson it's up to us to share that lesson because after all we are all LEARNING & UNLEARNING.