Ocean views and a change of perspective...

Me and hubs went on our first cruise. I fell in love with the little window cubby and the view of the ocean.

I love the ocean but that love was only from the shore and views from many walks on the beach. It had always been a constant reminder of God’s power to me.

But being in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but water reminded me even more of God omnipotence.

What was even more beautiful was the reminder from the Holy Spirit that the same power who keeps bodies of water in their place. Is the same power we as a believer have access to...

The strength of God is ours, we have permission to plug into His power to access whatever we need. I submit to you that most of us have been trying to tap into the wrong source.

Be it people, our plans, our own strength or understanding. We've been going about it all wrong. I know I have and I don't want to anymore... I want to do things according to the ultimate power source that which is unlimited in all things... Strength, clarity, understanding, wisdom, compassion, integrity, peace and so much more.

What’s powering you? Share in the comments! Let’s chat!

-Ashli B.