Marriage Warm & Fuzzies..... Thanks Abbot Kinney

Me and the hubs recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on New Year’s Day (ok it was a month ago). We are very lowkey simple folk, so we hadn’t planned anything spectacular but spend some uninterrupted time together doing something we both loved. Which meant food, coffee, and laughs had to be involved! We found ourselves on Abbot Kinney Blvd. that day (if you’re ever in the Venice area of Los Angeles and want to shop some cool shops and catch some cool vibes this is the place to be.) 

That day I think we both realized that having a date night is very critical to your marriage. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but intentional. We hadn’t really been on a date night alone in a while, we’d been with other married couples (which is also great). But intentional and uninterrupted time to focus on giving your spouse your undivided attention has a lasting effect on your marriage (warm & fuzzies, butterflies, and what not). We are grateful for the warm & fuzzies because honestly, we didn’t always feel this way, the first 2 years of marriage were ROUGH, we were getting used to a new life together, we were juggling co-parenting (I had 2 kids prior to us getting married), and just the struggles of 2 imperfect people trying to navigate what it meant to be married. We admit we weren’t really ready for married life (we barely made it). But God! We're making it do what it does ha! 

So to be together 5 years and have finally recognized what matters most to us in regards to our marriage is kind of a big deal. But also a lesson learned that in all relationships being intentional matters, often times we just go about doing life with no motivation behind why we do what we do. When the “why” behind what we do in our everyday lives and even business matter! Being intentional about things leave a lasting effect on the people we do life with. 

The lasting effect lead us back to Abbot Kinney just 1 month after our little anniversary adventure for their First Friday’s food truck gathering. We didn’t realize until after the fact that it was a month later but thought it was pretty cool.

What are you being intentional in your everyday life?  Be it in marriage, dating, your job, your community? Let's all aspire to live life inspired and intentional! 

Be blessed & Bloom