Bravery & Courage to START...

If I could get any of my clients to do anything it would be to come to me and say with full confidence that “I am doing this” but often that’s not the case. Which is totally ok and what I am here for and the reason I have the creative agency is to help them get to that point.

But it has also made me realize that it takes bravery and courage to START. I know from my own journey of STARTING that you have to brave enough to begin and courageous enough to keep going. I know some of you may be thinking aren’t bravery and courage the same thing, well according to the dictionary “to be brave is to show courage”.

STARTING requires you to leave your comfort zone. Sounds easy right, it is until the reality and responsibility of it kick in. The reality is that when you do leave your comfort zone it doesn’t mean that you’ll never be uncomfortable again. There will always be something else to courageously face but one must remember how brave you were to begin in the first place. Also, remember that you now know what it’s like to leave your comfort zone and the feeling you experienced when you did. You’re going to have to remind yourself when you come face to face with yet another uncomfortable situation (because those things just don’t go away).

This is where the bravery and courage to say yet again “I am doing this” no matter what comes in! It takes courage to continue when it’s uncomfortable, when you’re not sure, and when you are fearful but you just have to keep going. I have come to realize in my own journey of starting over and over again is that I just have to “DO IT” and I am not the only one who has had this experience. Everyone that we see “doing” has had to begin and it’s the same with all of us. They’ve made it because they STARTED they are making it because they choose to be brave and take the responsibility of doing what it takes to START.

Starting anything can be daunting and the fear of failing is real. I am not here to bash fear but I am starting to understand that most of the time it isn’t fear of failing but the fear of the responsibilities that come with STARTING.

When people come to me for vision casting consultations I’ve noticed that the answer they want when it comes to the question “How do I START” is one that removes all responsibility from them. Wanting someone else to do the work but it doesn’t work like that, I call it homework to be done because you can’t escape the part you play in getting STARTED.

Not that I have mastered the art of starting but I have come to realize that the hardest part isn’t actually starting the hard part is staying consistent and not giving up after you've started. Not being afraid to go back to the drawing board if you have to and being brave enough to continue to say courageously

“I am doing this”

-Ashli B.

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