Word of The Day “Maktub”

Maktub “it is written” 

I am currently reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and got stuck on the Maktub it’s Arabic meaning is “it is written” in regards to our destiny. It made me think about my aspirations and dreams the phrase comes up many times in the book. While I am not finish reading I can’t shake what I’ve come to understand.

As I look back over my life I can see how the things that I have endured and experienced have shaped my perspective, my aspirations and the outcomes of certain things. I feel as if everything is connected. What we pursue with our whole hearts has a root and if you can get to the root of it I believe it’ll inspire you to go harder at achieving whatever you desire because “it is written”. The dreams we dream and the aspiration we have are woven into our dna. I don’t think anything is “just because” it all has a root. The roots of trees help them withstand through all seasons, never forgetting that it is a tree, a deeply rooted one. And though the seasons may change and leaves my wither it is still a tree deeply rooted. Get to the root and get inspired. The dreams, passions, and aspiration you have aren’t by chance dear friends!

Focus long enough and it’ll become clearer. 

Draw near to purpose and farther from fear. 

Being still and imagining is helping me hear. -Ashli B. 

What’s dreams are you currently pursuing? Let’s chat in the comments!