It starts and finishes with me... Boundaries and Self-Awareness

I got a revelation from God about keeping the main thing the main thing. We often time wonder why this or that is happening and I know from experience that it’s just easier to blame someone else. In the case of some Christians, we’re quick to be like “the devil after me” when in reality Nah sis it’s you!

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A Word...


I am sure everyone knows about the BIBLE APP if you don't it is a really great tool for those who want to grow in their walk with God. There are tons of bible plans that you can read on a host of topics. Me and the hubs love the newest feature where you can read plans together and offer commentary! 

The word above came from Day 2 of the current plan we are reading called "The Happy Life" notes from God (hubs chose this plan this time and I was like this is good). I didn't know I had a particular way of choosing plans but I noticed that I go with plans from authors that I know about so it blessed me to try a new one. Especially when I got to this particular excerpt! I wanted to share with you guys because this blessed me in ways I didn't know I needed to be blessed. I felt like it was a direct call from God to SHIFT! I truly believe that a lot of people are in a season of business and everyday life that is going to require them to shift their way of doing things in order to go to the next level God is calling them too! 

Read it, meditate on it, and let me know what you think!